image-4.png?width=28&name=image-4.png  Tuesday, March 19th: 8 A.M. PST | 11 A.M. EST | 4 P.M. GMT

image-5.png?width=25&name=image-5.png   Duration: 1 hour

image-3.png?width=22&name=image-3.png  Are your contracts digital?

Before you answer - 

  • Are you able to search all your contracts for ANY data point with results in under a minute? 
  • Can you find and compare clauses across document families or sets – scoring (prioritizing) non-standard clauses for remediation?

Whether you use a contract lifecycle management system or not, there are functions that are being outsourced or done manually due to the historic limitations of technology. AI-powered contract analytics enable a digital transformation of these time-consuming and expensive tasks, while opening up a new realm of capabilities the legal team can use to provide value to the business.

You will learn how contract analytics can:

  • Consolidate access and enable easy to-use advanced AI-powered search across all contracts and DocuSign Envelopes
  • How AI analytics can optimize dozens of topics and data points – dynamically
  • Find and compare clause language based on keywords and concepts like force majeure, transferability, or data privacy
  • Fit seamlessly into your existing legal or procurement ecosystem, providing a user-friendly solution that accelerates time to answers by up to 80%

Join Christina Wojcik, VP Solutions, Seal Software and Perry Barber, CEO for the Americas, IACCM as they discuss the role of contract analytics in the digital transformation of contract review and management.




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