Legal Innovators March 2020 Preview

Lawyers and AI – this is a good combination when you want to build software that enables enterprise commercial contract managers and legal teams to improve efficiency and transform outdated manual processes. In this Legal Innovators article, Matt Miller, VP of Analytics and Modeling for Seal Software, discusses the AI tools that his team, comprised primarily of lawyers, utilizes to assist enterprises with a wide variety of contract use cases including Force Majeure, Data Privacy, M&A, QFC’s, Libor and many Procurement related tasks.

Matt highlights how organizations are utilizing Seal as a repository of record and using Seal’s data extraction, normalization, and APIs. A discussion of deployment options and partners with Seal practices provides further detail of the enterprise readiness of the Seal contract analytics platform.

"Seal Software has been supportive of our students as part of some of our curricular models and our Legal AI Showdown, they share with us a drive to make tomorrow’s legal practice better, more efficient, and more accessible."

- Jeff Ward, Duke Law Tech Lab Director