Contract Discovery & Analytics

LeAding Healthcare Organization

A leading healthcare organization experienced a breach of Protected Health Information (PHI) & needed to quickly access their breach notification clause to determine notification requirements & remedies.


Clinical Trial Investigators escalated to the legal department that there was an accidental breach of unsecured Protected Health Information (PHI). The organization had to take immediate action to gain visibility into their breach notification requirements and to determine how many contain a Remedies clause or Reimbursement of Costs clauses. The most difficult aspects around this project were:

  • How to find all of the relevant contracts?
  • How to quickly find Breach Notification clauses determine the notification requirements?
  • What are the remedy requirements?
  • How to properly manage the contracts on ago-forward basis to ensure that the organization can quickly react to changing business needs?

Trying to weed through all of the Clinical Trial Agreements to find the ones that were relevant to the breach was proving to be a grueling and expensive manual process. Once the contracts were found, it was another grueling process to manually review each contract’s breach notification clauses. After the contract was reviewed, they were still left with the problem of determining the appropriate remedy. To avoid having to go through a manual process, should another breach occur in the future, the organization wanted to implement a contract management solution rather than rely on astatic Excel spreadsheet.


The healthcare organization pointed Seal Software at all of their SharePoint drives where they stored their Clinical Trial Agreements. Seal centralized the contracts into one repository and automatically extracted key provisions for immediate access to critical information. However, because Remedy clauses are not part of the out-of-the-box extraction offered by Seal, the organization quickly created a custom extraction policy in Seal Software to teach the system to automatically extract the clauses. The key results achieved:

  • Created a fully searchable contractual document portfolio (OCR’d the imaged document and converted it into a searchable PDF)
  • Within 24 hours, the organization had visibility into all of their clinical trial agreements
  • They quickly identified the agreements that had breach notification clauses with 48-hours notification requirements versus the standard 72-hour requirement and prioritized appropriately
  • Quickly created custom extraction policies using Seal Contract Analytics creation wizard
  • Quickly gained visibility into remedy requirements and reacted quickly to the requirements to mitigate damages
  • Reduced contractual document review time from hours to minutes per document
  • Significantly reduced contractual document review costs
  • Created best practices around contractual document discovery, extraction, and review

By adding Seal Software to the contract discovery, extraction and review process, the organization benefited from a fully visible, accessible and searchable portfolio for future contract intelligence and a lower total processing cost per contract. Once the healthcare organization discovers and reviews all of their contractual information, they are ready for the next step in contractual document management – to proactively manage and mitigate risks and quickly react to business changes, as well as continuously on-boarding new contracts moving forward.


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