Contract Discovery & Analytics

Leading Legal Process Outsourcing Organization

A leading consultancy organization’s key business is contract review and legal opinion. Location of advanced clause language and clause combinations within contractual documents significantly improves the firm’s ability to locate risk on behalf of their clients.


In order to more effectively serve their clients’ needs, the Legal Process Outsourcing (LPO) organization wanted to provide a platform that would reduce the time to find, abstract and review contractual documents for their LPO project services, which typically consist of a high volume of documents and tight deadlines. Specifically, they wanted to be able to effectively extract contractual data for continually changing customer requirements.LPO Case Study File Image

They also wanted the ability to quickly define advanced policies (combinations of sections/paragraphs or sentences that together create a risk profile for the contract). This then drives a differing workflow based on the risk of each particular advanced policy or combination of policies. The organization needed an easier way to discover clause language and clause combinations in order to create a knowledge base of already reviewed and commented clauses to avoid repeated work.

In addition, they wanted to integrate Seal Contract Discovery into their new Salesforce platform to extract standard clauses, present these items for review and present the data back into Salesforce from existing and net new client contracts as an on going service.


Seal Contract Discovery was implemented to automate processing their client’s contractual documents.

The key results achieved were:

  • Created a fully searchable contractual document corpus
  • Created an abstract with over 50 pieces of metadata for each contractual document discovered
  • Improved timing for initial contractual document risk and review
  • Ability to compare contract clauses deviations during negotiation
  • Location of “advanced policies” within contracts
  • Ability to quickly define new extraction policies and super policies for the detection of customer specific data points
  • Use the web services to provide integration into the Salesforce platform for contractual workflow and data exchange

By creating this contractual management infrastructure, the LPO was able to more efficiently determine contractual document risk and potential revenue opportunities for their clients. This allows the company to enhance their expertise on advanced policies and the risk associated with that.

In addition, after review of specific advanced policies, the LPO was able to define additional extraction strategies to achieve the contractual document management objectives of their clients. They were able to create a knowledge base of already reviewed and commented clauses within SCA, which eliminated continual repeated work.


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