Webinar: Procurement Insight  

As procurement and sourcing leaders continue to face pressure to generate savings and improve contract outcomes, there is a need for proactive management of third-party risks and compliance, both from a diligence and a contractual perspective.

In this webinar, David Silbert and Stuart Brock share how Seal helps procurement professionals and the legal teams that support them. The demo will illustrate how Seal solves the most common and complex challenges that teams face by delivering an unprecedented level of insight into the realm of enterprise contracts.

Learn how Seal helps companies control spend and reduce risk by:

  • Monitoring contract terms with comprehensive analytics 

  • Providing granular reporting for regulatory and compliance needs

  • Simplifying vendor contract search, review, and visibility across all segments and contracts

Join us as we explore how Seal and Procurement Insight™ help companies reduce costs while minimizing risk. 

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