Procurement's Path from Backroom to Boardroom



All procurement professionals want more visibility, both personally and professionally. They want to move from a cost-containment centricity to a revenue-enhancing, top-line driving centricity, and in so doing move their function from the backroom to the boardroom.

This webinar series focuses on 3 stages of maturity for procurement, from gaining visibility to surfacing saving and spend opportunity, through to metrics-driven best-in-class contract analytics. Join us! 

Stage 1: Comprehensive Visibility
Duration: 60 minutes

Speakers: Jin Ro, VP Analytics, Seal Software + Special Guest

Watch this webinar to learn more about the importance of gaining visibility across all data sources and how this allowed a procurement organization to find opportunities for the following:

  • Spend and savings tracking

  • Gain control over spend

  • Understand which vendors were used and spend categories

Stage 2: Procurement Transformation and Category Strategy
Duration: 60 minutes 

Speakers: Jin Ro, VP Analytics, Seal Software and  Linda Guzzi, SVP Procurement, McKesson 

We'll explore how a mature procurement organization uncovers hidden value year after year. By leveraging data and insights, actionable strategies were created that catered to different category maturity, strengths, and market trends generating a data-driven multi-year plan.

Stage 3: Best-in-Class Contracts as a Service

Duration: 60 minutes

Speakers: Jin Ro, VP Analytics, Seal Software and Ron Reynolds, Director of Global Procurement Services, Cisco

Beyond spend and savings, how does a procurement organization gain control over a vast library of contracts? View this webinar to learn how creating measurable contracts quality and consistency will help drive contract performance and intent.

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