3 Steps to Centralize, Search & Analyze Agreements

Ready for a unified access point to your DocuSign agreements? A simple, but total search across those agreements with the ability to efficiently analyze agreements for actionable insights and enhanced reporting?

Join us as Seal Software experts Dan Daehler, VP Alliances, and Tom Radojicic, Sr. Solutions Consultant, discuss and demonstrate how the new DocuSign Platform Extensions, powered by Seal Software, can save money, reduce risk, and provide business insights to help you uncover new business and revenue opportunities.

In this 40-minute session with Q&A, you will learn how to:

  • Get answers by simply typing the questions
  • Centralize search and access to agreements and related documents from multiple repositories
  • Dynamically extract terms and clauses for review and comparison
  • Perform unlimited legal reviews with no additional costs or delays
  • Systematically monitor expiration dates, performance, and agreement terms

To summarize the customer value of Seal, Dan will walk through a customer case study featured at DocuSign Momentum 2018. 

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