Seal-Contracts-Discovery-Analytics-V7-Tech-Overview[1]-minThis brief is a two-minute synopsis of what the Seal Software platform is, how it helps 
companies, who can benefit from utilizing Seal, and the IT profile for the solution.
Questions Answered:
                    • What is Seal?
                    • What does Seal do at a high level?
                    • How does Seal help?
                    • Who is using Seal – is it a fit for us?
                    • What are examples of the processes Seal can improve?
                    • How will Seal fit within the company’s existing IT landscape?
                    • What are the primary (system) components and options?
An ideal introduction to Seal for those evaluating options for:
                    • Contract lifecycle management (CLM)
                    • Contract discovery, search, review and analysis
                    • SAP Ariba migration, upgrades, and enhancements
                    • DocuSign search and analysis of envelopes and related documents     
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