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Make the Case:
Contract negotiation

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A benchmark review of your contract negotiation efficiency is likely to reveal a ten-year stagnation. The chasm between how long a modern contract negotiation should take and how long it usually takes may seem uncrossable. This is not the case; using new AI-powered technologies enterprises can leap the chasm – accelerating the speed of contract negotiation beyond best-in-class performance.

This Spend Matters white paper utilizes the “Zero-based” approach1 to frame the business case for using new contract technologies to drive transformation. The crisp recap of the current contract negotiation problems paired with a roadmap for a new approach leveraging the AI-powered capabilities of Seal Now can serve as a basis for you to open an internal dialog about your benchmarking process and areas for improvement.


1. Adapted from “The Big Zero,” Kris Timmermans, Chris Roark, Rodrigo Abdalla, Accenture 2019