50 or 500 pages - Nokia Improves Speed and accuracy of contract review with seal contract discovery and analytics

Nokia is a Fortune 500, global leader in the telecom and Preview-Case-Study-Nokia-Seal-Software-Storynetworking markets. Their in-house tech team is well equipped to build their own artificial intelligence solutions. Instead, they deployed Seal Software’s AI-powered Contract Discovery and Analytics solution to speed contract review – specifically sell-side, pre-signature, and third-party paper contracts ranging in value from €100,000 to €1 billion or more.

The strategic decision to deploy Seal at Nokia was data-driven. Nokia set up a two-part benchmark - first, a 15 vendor shoot out and then a Man vs. Machine head-to-head test – Seal bested all competitors – 14 other AI vendors and then the team of two Nokia lawyers – 20% of Nokia’s in-house legal team.

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