3 Steps to Trust & Unlock the Data in Your SAP Ariba Contract Management System

Contracts control over 80% of spend, yet the data contained within the contracts is unavailable or in systems that users distrust due to poor data quality. Procurement teams have added intelligence capabilities to virtually every aspect of the procurement ecosystem, yet the realm of legal documents has remained static since the advent of contract lifecycle management and eSignature technology over ten years ago. The time has come to achieve the full P2P vision by operationalizing the data locked in your procurement contracts.

Learn from Nick Homes and Perry Robinson in this webinar how Seal is saving customers billions of dollars and reducing risk.

Seal Procurement Contract Intelligence Webinar 

SAP Ariba is utilized to facilitate US$ 1 trillion in commerce on an annual basis.

The system provides significant contract lifecycle management capabilities that Seal Contract Analytics augment and enhance.

  1. Seal’s data hygiene capabilities to enhance adoption and trust in ACM
  2. Automatic metadata and DocuSign envelope extraction and update of ACM metadata fields
  3. Push extracted data and intelligence into any part of the procurement process or data lake

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