Our customer selected Seal to quickly identify key contract terms after acquisitions

Our customer is a global leader in digital transformation with 120,000 employees in 73 countries and annual revenue of approximately $14.6 billion.

The company implements end-to-end automation and robotization Case-Study-Post-Mergerthe digital transformation for many of its global enterprise clients that span manufacturing, financial services, healthcare, retail, telcos and utilities. It is listed on the CAC40 Paris stock index.

In support of positive organic growth, the company is moving fast with acquisition of multiple pure player leaders across different geographies. This has allowed it to decommission non-performing activities while expanding its scope in line with the demands of its clients across all business sectors. For each merger or acquisition, the procurement team needs to quickly identify the detailed terms in the newly acquired company’s contracts to maximize benefits and minimize the risks.

Download the case study now and learn how this international player improved speed and accuracy of acquisition contract analysis during post-merger integration.