Seal introduces version 7

3 steps to better contract information management

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Contracts contain vital information that tradition has kept locked away within the confines of "Legal". Since 2010 Seal Contract Discovery and Analytics has provided a way for companies to digitize that information and with the 2019 release (V7) of the platform Seal is bringing contract information to the mainstream of the corporate world. 

Seal V7 provides a consumer-like search experience for accessing the fully digitized business terms and conditions contained within contracts. Options to compare, analyze and "score" contracts virtually eliminate the delays associated with "contract information requests". Business users have secure access to the information they need when they need it, without tying up valuable legal resources, who in-turn are freed from the mundane to pursue higher value work. 

Join David Gingell, Seal Software Chief Marketing Officer and Jethro Elvin, Seal Software Director of Solutions Consulting, EMEA for this 45-minute presentation and demo to learn what's new in V7 and how Seal can help:

  1. Consolidate contract access search
  2. Utilize digitized contract data to support business users
  3. Improve legal review and analysis efficiency



David Gingell
Seal Software


Jethro ElvinJethro Elvin
Director of Solutions Consulting, EMEA
Seal Software