Graphic System of Agreement-Manage

A modern System of Agreement is about automating the core of doing business: the agreement process. 

DocuSign’s System of Agreement addresses this challenge, providing a platform for connecting existing systems with a digitally transformed agreement process. A System of Agreement needs to take care of the preparation of the agreement – the authoring process, the digital signing, the integration with other business systems to fulfill the terms and finally the management component - how agreements are stored, analyzed and reported on. As importantly, data and information are not static and change just as the business environment changes, the System of Agreement platform and extensions must be dynamic and able to adapt on the fly. 

Recognizing the importance of the platform extensions, DocuSign co-announced the SofA platform and a partnership with Seal Software in which DocuSign will resell Seal Software’s content discovery and analytics technology as platform extension apps under the DocuSign product names of a) Total Search and b) Intelligent Insights. 

The platform extensions by Seal Software add 360-degree visibility into what is inside agreements, regardless of source location. 

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