The ROI of a Contract Analytics Platform for Financial Services

According to a Forbes article, “5 Important Artificial Intelligence Predictions (For 2019) Everyone Should Read“, AI will branch out into support functions, and be adopted for managing compliance and legal issues in 2019.

Seal Software founded the enterprise contract analytics market in 2010, deploying the AI-powered solution to over 10 of the largest financial services brands in the world. Seal continues to focus on the needs of the Financial Services industry.

Watch as Seal Software's Stuart Brock, Director Analytics Production Group and Adam Schwartz, Pre-Sales Manager for a 30-minute presentation and demo to learn how Seal’s pre-built capabilities for many common financial services use cases are saving companies significant time and money while transforming strategic processes and providing insights previously unavailable.

The Financial Services Suite provides a series of Insight Accelerators, each accelerator contains pre-built analytics that identify key clauses in contracts relating to broad topics and more specific subtopics, relevant to its purpose. A key benefit of the Financial Services Suite is the strategic approach that provides a common data model for sharing of extracted data. The resulting clarity across business lines creates synergy in contract analysis and protocols and facilitates an ability to quickly triage contracts to save time and money while allowing a firm to be thoughtful and proactive in its approach toward contract management.

Current Insight Accelerators

  • QFC Insight™ – Detailed analytics to support SR-14 compliance for qualified financial documents such as ISDA master agreements
  • Procurement Insight™ – Detailed procurement-related analytics regarding contract compliance and revenue optimization
  • NDA Insight™ - Detailed analytics to identify key clauses across the thousands of non-disclosure agreements created by banks
  • LIBOR Insight™ - Detailed analytics to identify the existence and use of LIBOR and LIBOR-related interest calculations in credit and trading relationships
  • GDPR Data Privacy Insight™ – Detailed analytics to identify GDPR and data privacy compliance and readiness within contracts such as data breach notifications and access rights
  • Brexit Insight™ – Detailed analytics to identify and surface key clauses for determining Brexit readiness, exposure and need for renegotiation or re-papering
  • M&A Insight™ – Detailed analytics to surface key terms for due diligence, divestiture and post-merger integration projects 

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