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Credit Agreements come in a variety of formats depending on many factors, including whether a specific agreement is a single or multi commitment loan, whether the agreement is structured as part of a syndication or is bilateral, etc. Additionally, the information that must be extracted from a specific institution's Credit Agreements depends on their needs and use cases, which can range from general internal tracking and regulatory compliance to assessing compliance with financial covenants and ability to securitize. 

Recognizing the broad scope of potential use cases, Seal has created a foundational Credit Agreement Accelerator designed to jump start institutions' ability to unlock the most common Credit Agreement informational needs. Please join Seal Software Director, Lynn Sumlin, as she discusses Seal's most recent Accelerator release: Credit Agreement InsightTM.


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Lynn Sumlin Headshot 300x300Lynn Sumlin is a Director at Seal Software. Lynn works closely with Seal's financial services clients. Prior to joining Seal, Lynn practiced law for over 20 years and was partner in banking practice of an international law firm. She concentrated her legal career in serving the financial services industry, including handling a wide variety of regulatory, commercial financial, securities and corporate transactions.