ON-DEMAND webinar

Three Ways contract analytics accelerated fortune 500 m&a projects

Stop watch@1xDuration: 60 minutes

In his first M&A webinar, veteran M&A specialist David Silbert explained how serial acquirers could use contract analytics to improve the speed, acuracy, and completeness of contract due diligence and post-merger integration. This webinar will profile the impact of Seal's AI-powered M&A Insight on three Fortune 500 M&A projects that leveraged Seal to automate and analyze key contractual terms.

Key points:

  • Automating due-diligence decisions
  • Prioritizing contract risk
  • Increasing efficiencies across affiliated entities

Seal for Strategic M&A delivers critical, actionable information with minimal SME intervention that is fast, accurate, and complete.


David Silbert HeadshotDavid Silbert

Director, Analytics Production Group
Seal Software