The California Consumer Privacy Act:
Are you ready for January 1, 2020?

Stop watch@1xDuration: 60 minutes

The California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) goes into effect on January 1, 2020 and promises to be one of the most comprehensive privacy laws in the United States. Similar to the European Union's GDPR, the CCPA offers tougher restrictions and expanded rights governing the collection, use and disclosure of consumers' personal data. With just a few months left, impacted companies need to take action now. 

Questions we will answer:

  • Who is impacted? 
  • What are the key CCPA requirements?
  • How do I get to compliance?
  • How can AI help meet compliance requirements while driving down costs?

Listen to our webinar to learn about the CCPA and how it impacts your company.


Stuart Brock HeadshotStuart Brock is a Director at Seal Software where he helps lead Seal's financial services programs. He is a licensed attorney who practiced law at a top national firm for some 10 years before moving in-house at Bank of America. During his tenure with Bank of America. During his tenure with Bank of America, Stuart held various roles within the Legal, Compliance and Procurement organizations.