ON-DEMAND webinar

The Rise of document and contract analysis

why procurement and legal departments will never be the same

Stop watch@1xDuration: 60 minutes

The transformation of contracts has begun. We are leaving the analog era of storing and managing content and entering the digital era of AI-based understanding of what is happening before, during and after a contract is executed. Join Jim Lundy, Founder, CEO and Lead Analyst of Aragon Research and Jim Wagner, Chief Strategy Officer for Seal Software for this webinar on the shift to document and contract analytics and what it means for procurement, legal and finance teams. 

The agenda includes:

  • What are the key trends driving the rise of document and contract analytics?
  • What role will AI and other technologies play in the document and contract analytics market?
  • How can enterprises gain a competitive advantage by leveraging document and contract analytics?








Jim Lundy
Founder, CEO and Lead Analyst
Aragon Research


Jim Wagner
Chief Strategy Officer
Seal Software