non-disclosure agreements:
High Volume, High Risk

Stop watch@1xDuration: 60 minutes

Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs) are usually the precursor to outsourcing arrangements. Although often perceived as “simple” contracts, most organizations must address high volumes of NDAs that are typically written on third-party paper.  Additionally, NDAs may originate in different business units each with very different criteria for risk acceptance.  This usually requires individual manual review to ensure compliance with internal third-party program requirements and alignment to both the business unit and the organizational risk frameworks.  The evaluation of a single NDA can require significant attorney and/or paraprofessional time to review and negotiate; creating a backlog of work and costly delays in business deals.  For these reasons, organizations are increasingly turning to AI to help protect them from risks while driving down costs and improving contract cycle times.  Watch this webinar as we take a look at how AI is doing this.


Stuart Brock HeadshotStuart Brock is a Director at Seal Software where he helps lead Seal's financial services programs. He is a licensed attorney who practiced law at a top national firm for some 10 years before moving in-house at Bank of America. During his tenure with Bank of America. During his tenure with Bank of America, Stuart held various roles within the Legal, Compliance and Procurement organizations.